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Local Pet Partners Team Wins National Award

This just in … Special congratulations to Jane and Corney. Jane Dombrowski and Sir Cornelius Aurelius of Hoghollo have been named winners in a national competition of a Special Service Award for Delta Society's 2000 Beyond Limits Awards for Service and Therapy Animals of the Year.

Delta's Beyond Limits Awards recognize companion animals that enrich the lives of people they touch. The Service Animal Award recognizes animals that are specially trained to help people with disabilities overcome barriers and achieve greater independence.

The Therapy Animal Awards recognize those animals performing exemplary services in their communities, by working through Delta's visiting Pet Partners program and Animal-Assisted Therapy services. The animals make a difference by sharing their time and the love that results from the human-animal bond.

Sir Cornelius Aurelius of Hoghollo and Jane Dombrowski were selected because of their continuous practice of visiting nursing homes, special care centers, hospitals, and nursery and elementary schools.

Delta Society is a human service organization that improves health, through service and therapy animals. Delta's vision is a world in which people are healthier and happier because companion therapy and service animals share our everyday lives.

This is quite an achievement for a potbellied pig to be honored by an organization that recognizes mostly cats and dogs. The potbellied pig is making a difference in the world of Animal Assisted Therapy and who better than our very own Cornelius to represent them!


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