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Lone Star SPCA Can't Find Home For Pot-belly Pig

Midland, Texas
June 5, 2001

This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went home. This little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none ... but this big piggy needs a good, good, good home. This pot-belly pig is Petunia, who temporarily lives at Lone Star SPCA, and is searching for someone to give her a home.

"This is the first potbelly pig we've ever had," said Wade Kneupper, kennel technician. "A gentleman found her and asked if we could take her in, so we said 'sure, why not.'"

When Petunia was brought into Lone Star, her excessive weight prohibited her from walking, said Susan Cronin, Lone Star SPCA director. The veterinarian who performs regular check-ups on all the animals ordered her to literally stop eating for four days. Petunia today tips the scale 300 pounds. She's still a bit overweight.

Recently, Lone Star took in a small wild pig. Petunia warmed up to the smaller pig.

"She thought the little pig was her offspring, and the pig thought Petunia was his mom. They used to walk around together all the time," Kneupper said. "But we found a home for the little pig, and since he's been gone, Petunia's fallen in a deep depression."

The barking of dogs and the daily business of Lone Star employees don't seem to bother Petunia. She lies in the corner of her pen under the shade of a small roof, munches on corn and occasionally relaxes in her well-maintained mud pit.

Although Petunia is not yet docile with humans, many potbelly pigs are as clean as dogs and are good pets, some even good enough to keep in the house, Kneupper said. Petunia is looking for a home outside city limits and maybe even a home with other pigs like herself. There is no adoption fee at Lone Star, but a donation is requested.

"She's an oversized, enormous pet," Ms. Cronin said. "But when the flowers are in bloom, she'll do anything to eat them. She's a very willful animal."

By Kristine Aleman
MRT Correspondent


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