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Circle Of Life At Nature Center Will Include Rotting Hogs

September 22, 2002

Fort Worth's plan to trap and kill an overwhelming population of feral hogs at the Fort Worth Nature Center drew criticism from a number of local residents last week.

The problem for many wasn't that the animals would be killed.

It was that carcasses would be left to rot in remote areas of the Nature Center.

Residents offered a number of suggestions for ridding the center of the hogs, including:

  • Letting people trap the hogs and sell them at market.
  • Giving bow hunters a chance to harvest the hogs on their off days - and perhaps charging $100 a day to let them.
  • Giving the meat to homeless shelters and food banks.

City officials, however, say that liability concerns keep them from allowing hunting at the center and that the meat from feral hogs isn't nearly of the same quality as that of domestic pigs.

Beyond that, they subscribe to the "ashes to ashes" school of thought.

"The remains will be left out at the Nature Center to decompose," said Richard Zavala, director of the city's Parks and Community Services Department. "That's the way we do things at the Nature Center.

"It's a circle of life."

By Anna M. Tinsley and John Moritz

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