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Flying Pigs Get New Home Next To Airfield

The flying pigs who take to the skies from a grass runway to the 633 Squadron music in a TV advert will be spared the slaughterhouse.

The animals have been given a new home next to an airfield. The three pigs are featured in the current advert for Zurich insurance. The company has found a farm on the edge of the Cotswolds for them to live out the rest of their days.

A Zurich spokesman said: "Though the high-flying stars were originally plucked from obscurity, we were determined they should not suffer the indignity of a bumpy landing back in reality, away from the spotlight, forlorn and forgotten in some anonymous muddy field in a far-flung farm or - God forbid, sent to a slaughterhouse."

The company says it was offered many places for the pigs once it was known homes were needed. But it decided on Butts Farm near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. The farm is popular with children and is open to visitors during the summer where they can also see sheep, lambs, goats, pigs and piglets. The pigs have been built arks - pig homes - and have their own specialist pig vet on hand.

Farm owner Judy Hancox, 43, said: "They arrived here to enjoy a long and prosperous retirement, but I will look after them as farm animals and make sure they don't become too fat.

"They are well aware of their new found status as TV stars and walk around the farm with a bit of a swagger - they're real attention seekers."

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