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Pig Owner To Plead For Trustees' Mercy

January 18-19, 2003

Hinsdale resident Dawn mcCarthy Brandt is renewing her fight against a village code that declares her two pet pigs, Cza Cza and Petunia, illegal.

Brandt said she won't give up her pigs.

"These are my pets. They're my family," Brandt said.

Last July, a neighbor told village officals Brandt had a pet pig. Officials leater learned she had two Vietnamese potbelly pigs. Brandt said Cza, Cza the older pig, has lived in her house at 129 S Adams Street for about seven years. She's had Petunia about four years.

Despite Brandt's argument, Hinsdale trustees decided last fall to uphold village code outlawing livestock, including swine, and told Brandt to find a new home for her pigs.

Brandt said she wants to speak with trustees again, hoping she can change their minds. She is planning speak at the next Village Board meeting set for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, January 21, at Memorial Hall, 19 E Chicago Ave.

Village President George Faulstich Jr. said he's aware Brandt wants to discuss the law again and as a citizen she has the right to ask the board to hear her plea.

Faulstich said unless there's new information, it's "highly unlikely" the trustees would take up the matter again after they decided there was no basis to change the law a few months ago.

The village has cited Brandt in the matter. She was scheduled to be in court Dec. 24, but asked for a continuance. Her next court date is Jan. 21. A guilty finding could result in a $750 fine.

By Melissa Rubalcaba

Suburban Life

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