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Piggy Poetry & Stories

A wonderful selection of piggy poetry and piggy stories contributed by readers like you.
Have a story? Have some piggy poetry? Like to contribute? Just e-mail us at info@pigs4ever.com


You'll be just like a pig in heaven when you read these wonderful poems done by those that LOVE pot bellied pigs. If you would like to contribute some poetry, we would LOVE to add it to our collection.

From Bently Battoes Point of View
Diamond Baby
Inspired  by my  two pigs and my belief that all sentient creatures are precious. By Ann Sibary
Ernie Heavens' Pig
A gift to Sally and Wally in memory of Ernie. By Sharon Jean Updike
The Flying Éclair
When it comes to food, piggies will believe anything. By Sharon Jean Updike
The Forgotten Fad, The Pet Potbellied Pig
Poem by Ann Daniels.
Give Me a Home
By Sharon Jean Updike
Happy Mother's Day
A poem that Ziggy and Flower wrote for me with a little help from their Dad.
Hot and Humid
The 'pig days' of summer. By Sharon Jean Updike
Itty Bitty School Bus Kitty Meets Itty Bitty Piggy
Poem By Katie Youngren
Manna Ball
Oh they do LOVE those manna balls!! By Sharon Jean Updike
My Apple Tree
A poem about one pig's favorite place. By Sharon Jean Updike
My Best Friend
A poem about a owner and their pet pig. By Sharon Jean Updike
My Pigger, My Child
How alot of us feel about our pigs. By Sherry Collier
My Swimming Pool
Don't all kids just LOVE the swimming pool?? By Sharon Jean Updike
Out of Joint
Introducing a new member to the family. By Sharon Jean Updike
The Pampered Porcine
Just what all pigs should be. By Sharon Jean Updike
Ever been under attack by pigberries?  By Lea and her Motley Crew
Piggy Paradise
Dreams of a pig! By Pig Lover of NM
All little piggies go to heaven! By Sharon Jean Updike
The joys of having a sow in heat. By Sharon Jean Updike
Rapid Snout Movement
The joys of watching your pig dream. By Sharon Jean Updike
Super Snout
If there is food nearby, our piggies will find it! By Sharon Jean Updike
What happens when the groceries aren't put away properly. By Sharon Jean Updike
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
A twist on the original about giving pets as a present. Author Unknown
Under the Bed
The joys of sharing your bedroom with your pigs. By Sharon Jean Updike
Ziggy My Love
A love story from Hannah Hamm to our big boy, Ziggy.


Again, you will be like a pig in heaven when reading these wonderful stories, most of which are true stories. Sorry, no flying pig stories yet!

Arnold - My Best Friend
A touching story of how Arnold touched his families life during his short time on earth. By Brock Gibson
Audrey and the Honey Dew
A funny short story about Audrey and her attempt to eat a Honey Dew. By Sally Sullivan-Hall
Big Arnies Story
A touching story about Arnie, a pot belly pig whose human parents could no longer care for him.  His journey to a sanctuary that almost cost him his life. By Phyllis Battoe
Bonnie and Clyde
A story about Dottie Eggeman's (Pigs4Ever) first pot bellied pig rescue. Two potbelly pigs that survived an Idaho winter only to have their lives threatened by humans.
Coming Home: Wilbur's Story
Wilbur's view of being left behind, a new home that doesn't work out and coming back to the sanctuary that he loved. By Sue Parkinson
Eight Little Pigs
A wonderful story about the rescue of eight pigs that were originally bought as food and left to fend for themselves. By Sally Sullivan-Hall
Catching Loner
The rest of the Eight Little Pigs Story. The catching of Loner the last pig. By Sally Sullivan-Hall
Feeding Time
A hilarious story about the new help trying to feed the pigs, chickens, peacocks, and the sneaky way the piggies get extra food from the new human.By Meri Martin
Gordo's Story
A story about Gordo's short life here on earth. By Shirley Howard
A story of how Henry went from living the college life to living with Grandma. By Becky
Is That A Pig?
A story about life with a pet potbellied pig. By Rich Cushing
Little Mama
A moving story about a rescue pig that was attacked by a bear and lived through the ordeal and even had the litter of pigs she was pregnant with at the time.
Ohio Pig Rescue
The story of how far pig people and animal lover's alike will go to rescue a pig. By Lana Hollenback
Petunia The Saga Of
How We Became Unsuspecting Pig Parents. By Jennie Staub
Rescue Story
The story of a pot belly pig rescue in Hawaii.
Seamus' Story
A short story about Seamus's life before ending up at Mini Pigs. By Richard Hoyle
Wilbur's Story
A cute story about the antics of Wilbur and Rio. By Linda