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The Pampered Porcine

The pampered porcine is a wonderful thing
A joy and a pleasure to know;
They strut as they walk with their snouts in the air
And their tails swish, swish, swish, as they go!

They like to relax after eating a meal
And enjoy an occasional treat.
Nothing can quite compare with the affection they bear
As they plop themselves down at our feet.

With a rub- a- dub- dub wanting more belly rubs
Than a person can ever conceive,
And with bristled up hair nothing else can compare
With the smiles our scratching does bring.

Sometimes they get riley and pushy and such
And develop a sly attitude;
But nothing compares with the love that they share
While teaching us who rules the roost!

They push and they shove our attention to get
Until we adhere to their call;
But when all’s said and done, our hearts they have won
And we can’t help but love, those sweet, precious,
Pampered Porcines.


A Hannah Hamm Original by Sharon Jean Updike (March 23, 1999)
All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations