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A knock did sound on Heaven's door,
One bright and sunny day;
The gate keeper looked around,
Who knocked in that soft way?

A tiny voice then was heard,
The keeper did look down;
His eyes beheld a small piglet,
Wearing a sad frown.

What are you doing here,
The keeper asked;
Don't you have a home?
Not anymore, the piglet replied,
I now am all alone.

You see I wasn't perfect,
So I was thrown away;
I had no where else to go,
And I decided to come this way.

Well come on in, the keeper said,
I'll show you around;
I have something special for your head,
It's called a golden crown.

Once in the gate, he looked around,
So many things to see;
Everthing so perfect,
That is, except for me.

The keep took his hoof in hand,
And ushered him right through;
The biggest set of golden doors,
So bright and shiny too.

They walked into a great big room,
All made of shining gold;
Where a man sat quietly,
It was awesome to behold.

Piglet looked up, his eyes so wide,
Right into his face;
A hand reached down and scooped him up,
He felt all very warm and safe.

Hello there piglet, I am God,
And I created you;
In my eyes you are perfect,
And I know what you've been through.

Look down there, what do you see,
God pointed to a spot;
Where people were all upset,
And tears did flow a lot.

Those are people weeping for you,
You were very loved;
Many people prayed to me,
To protect you from above.

Now you will stay with me,
For I have chosen your fate;
You will greet the piggies,
As they pass through heaven's gate.

A Hannah Hamm original by Sharon Jean Updike
(July 22, 1999)
All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations