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Piggy Paradise

Piggybill was a pig
Living on a farm
Piggybill was sad all day
All lonely and not warm

Then one day he heard a sound
From across the street,
Piggybill was curious
So he started up his feet

As he got closer
The noise was getting stronger
He hurried across the road
But the cars caused him to take longer

Piggybill go to the other side
Panting real heavy
Listening real strong
Breathing real steady

Piggybill heard something
A noise he new well
In the woods in front of him
It made him feel real swell

He took a few steps foward
Into a lonesome place
And what he saw amazed him
There was a piggy face

 Then piggybill realized
There wasn't just one
Of those piggy faces
There were a ton!

"Welcome to piggy paradise!"
Said a huge hog
Standing in front of
A huge bog

Right when piggybill started to enjoy
He heard something loud as a scream
Piggybill yawned a little scared
And realized it was a dream!

By pig lover of NM