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Rapid Snout Movement

My pig is dreaming, how do I know?
I see her snout twitching about, to and fro.
It's gathering speed now, don't you know;
It's called Rapid Snout Movement, puts on quite a show!

As she lays on her side, with her ears perked up pretty
Soon she'll be dreaming, it is such a pity,
That I don't know what she is dreaming about,
All I get to see is that fast moving snout.

Every once in a while, she'll stretch out her limbs,
As on her face you can see that wide silly grin
She looks so content laying there on her side,
No cares or worries, just sweetness and sighs!

No thought for tomorrow or what it will hold
Content to just be, part of our fold.
She looks so relaxed from her tail to her snout,
I wonder is she trying to sort all things out.

Every once in a while her left does move
And it's hard to believe that she walks on four hooves.
She's just like a child, dreaming way
About eating and playing and sleeping all day?

She looks so very peaceful, snoozing away,
All stretched out and comfy, near me does she stay.
Such a wonderful companion, I surely am blessed,
My sweet precious piggy is surely the best!


A Hannah Hamm Original by Sharon Jean Updike (July 19, 1999)
All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations