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Seamus' Story

A short story about Seamus's life before ending up at Mini Pigs. By Richard Hoyle.

The Seamus here at the sanctuary was abandoned on a 3,000 acre farm in horse country where the owners live in the city. He managed to build a home in an old, round hay bale and survived on his own by his own wits and somehow kept away from the dogs, foxes, etc.....

When fall came he found himself target practice for the "big hunters" at the hunt club that leased the farm to hunt on. They would sit at the "clubhouse" on the hill above the field with their drinks and rifles in hand and "plink" at Seamus making him run back and forth until he was exhausted and stressed almost to death. They never shot to kill him, but I am sure that was their intention on the last day of the season.

He was discovered by some kind folks trapping feral cats in an old barn nearby who somehow found out about us. It took us two weeks to catch him.

He now lives in a one acre field with 19 other little pigs his own size. He shares a barn full of straw with 5 of his closest buddies and just ambles around making friends with everyone. He will not fight any of the other pigs.....even the 4 month old little female we just put in that pasture two weeks ago can push him around.....he is just a slow, gentle little pig.

Richard and Laura Hoyle
Directors Mini-Pigs, Inc.
(540) 937-5229
March 14, 2000