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I woke up this morning to a very big surprise,
Walked into the kitchen and right before my eyes;
A messy sight I did behold, for all over the floor,
A cantaloupe was splattered about, its seeds and juice and more!

And standing in the midst of this was my beloved pig,
Slurping seeds and chomping rind with eyes so wide and big;
She didn’t even stop a bit to see I had come in,
If it had been a race, I know, that for sure she’d win.

I asked her what had happened here and how did this come about?
I thought the melon was put up away from her probing snout,
My eyes fell on the empty bag laying on the floor,
Beside it laid another melon, should my pig want more!

I quickly snatched that melon up as I said, "No You Don’t",
As she look at me with happy eyes I said, "Now you will bloat"!
As I was cleaning up the mess and wiping sticky hooves,
My piggy said, "I’ll help clean up the seeds and all the ooze.

This kind of help I do not need, awe but what the heck,
She is my pig and I love her, I’ll just hug her neck;
And then she tossed her head about and then said this to me, "
Just kiss my snout, I am your pig, and you gotta love me"!

A Hannah Hamm Original by Sharon Jean Updike
July 14, 1999. All rights reserved, copyright H.I.S. Creations