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Information about Adopting or Buying a Pig?

BEFORE you adopt or buy a potbelly pig please do your homework FIRST!

Check your zoning!

You need to make sure that you are zoned to have a potbellied pig as a pet. Unfortunately many cities/towns still do not allow them or have ridiculous restrictions on owning one. I cannot stress enough how important is to check your zoning laws first.

Be sure you are ready for the 12-15 year commitment that it will take to care for a potbellied pig. I believe potbellies are the greatest pets out there, BUT THEY ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE! Please figure this out BEFORE you get a potbellied pig or any animal for that matter.

I am often asked what is the cost or price of pigs. Prices go any where from free on up. But, there is NO MARKET for them anymore. If there was a market then there would be no need for sanctuaries and/or rescue centers and they wouldn't be overflowing with dumped pigs.

Many shelters, rescue centers and people that do rescue work are happy to give you a pig free of charge. Some may have a small adoption fee and others may do an on-site check first to be sure the pig will be well cared for. Their main concern is that it go to a loving home where it will be cared for its entire life.

Price does not make one pig better than another. It is just what one person can charge and what people are willing to pay. Some people selling pigs charge large amounts of money because of the pigs 'special' breeding line. Well, here is a little secret: All potbelly pigs in North America come from one line, called the Lee - Connel line. Yes, there are different markings, different sizes, etc., but they all can be traced back to this line.

The worst thing you can do is buy a pig on the spur of the moment. Check out who you are buying this pig from.

  • Have they weaned the pig properly? Pigs should not be weaned before the age of 6-8 weeks.
  • Have they socialized this piglet?
  • Have they checked you out to make sure that this pig is going to a good home or are they only interested in taking your money?
  • Are they willing to take the pig back should things not work out?
  • Is the pig spayed or neutered?

Family with Pot Belly PigsDo Your Research!

I have no problem with people who charge a fee for this pig to cover spay/neuter costs. If you cannot afford this then you shouldn't have a pig.

PIGS4EVER DOES NOT SELL POTBELLIED PIGS! WE DO NOT ENDORSE BREEDERS WHO DO! They are all adding to the unwanted pig population.

I was recently asked "If I were to adopt a pig from a sanctuary would I just be getting someone else's problem pig?" NO!

No respectable sanctuary or rescue center will adopt out a pig that does have a problem. Most of these pigs are in these sanctuaries and shelters because someone didn't do their homework. They didn't realize that they weren't zoned and a neighbor turned them in. The pig got bigger then expected. The pig was becoming aggressive (didn't bother to have it spayed or neutered). The family dog attacked the pig (extremely common), etc., etc.

So, we will repeat ourselves: If you are interested in getting a pot belly pig, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!

I do realize that many of you would like to buy a piglet and this is why you are looking for a breeder. It is possible to adopt a piglet as many times rescue centers and sanctuaries do get in pregnant sows and need to find homes for the piglets.

Need to Adopt Out Your Pig?

So, you have a pig and you need to 'dump' it? We sure hope not. Pigs are living creatures with emotions. They are not an old chair you just throw away. They are extremely intelligent and become attached to people and surroundings quite easily. If you are going to do this, here are a few guidelines to make the transition easier for the pig and you.

  • Please check out who you are giving your pig to. Go see where your pig is going to be living. Make sure that they are going to put your pigs welfare first and not make dinner out of him, or use him for experiments or target practice. All these things have happened before!
  • Have the courtesy to take your pig there, don't tell them that they need to come get your pig. If you must ship your pig check out the different methods of transportation and if the company has dealt with potbellied pigs before.
  • Send your piggies belongs along with him. This includes his food and water bowls and most importantly his blankies and any toys he may have.

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Where to Adopt - Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers



Piece of Peace Animal Sanctuary
12208 Loma Rica Rd. / Marysville, CA 95901-9569
E-Mail: info@pieceofpeaceanimalsanctuary.org

Shepherd's Green Sanctuary
139 Copeland Lane / Cookville, TN 38506
PH: 931-498-5540
E-Mail: andpigs@gmail.com

Lil' Orphan Hammies
Sanctuary Address: 1181 Fredensborg Canyon Road / Solvang, CA
Mailing Address: PO Box 924 / Solvang, CA / 93464
PH: 805 693 9953
E-Mail: parky@silcom.com

Potbellied Pig Haven Rescue
815 Hall / Cedar Park, TX 78613
PH: 512-258-1102
E-Mail: pbheaven@swbell.net

Ironwood Pig Sanctuary
PO Box 35490 / Tuscon, AZ 85740
PH: 520-631-6015
E-Mail: ironwoodpigs@yahoo.com



Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary
Stratford / Ontario / Canada
E-mail: cedarrowfs@hotmail.ca
Phone: 519-274-9917

Hearts On Noses
Maple Ridge / British Columbia / Canada
E-Mail: heartsonnoses@shaw.ca

Hoofers Haven Sanctuary
RR 6 First Concession Road / Thunder Bay / Ontario / Canada P7C-5N5
PH: 807-473-4450
E-Mail: pigcity@tbaytel.net

Ralphy's Retreat Pot-bellied Pig & Farm Animal Sanctuary
St. Williams / Ontario / Canada
E-mail: ralphysretreat@gmail.com
Phone: 519.586.8083



Country Critters Rescue Corral
26024 Helmick Road / Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284
PH: 360-854-0205
E-Mail: critters@clearwire.net

Critterville Farm
501 Erial Road / Sicklerville, NJ 08081
E-Mail: lilbopig@ymail.com

Hamalot Potbellied Pig Rescue
6011 S 155th W Ave / Sand Springs, OK 74063
PH: 918-812-4205
E-Mail: tmpigs@gbronline.com

Noah's Ark
9660 Fern Street / New Port Richey, FL 34654
PH: 727-856-3467
E-Mail: noahsark@gate.net

Planet Pig
PO Box 31 / Gerald, MO 63037
E-Mail: all4pigs@fidnet.com

Willow Ridge Sanctuary
93 Radcliff Rd / Willow Street, PA 17584
PH: 717-464-5917
E-Mail: piggernut@aol.com or tgroff1@aol.com



California Potbellied Pig Association
P.O. Box 23955/Pleasant Hill CA./ 94523
PH: 925- 937-9045
E-Mail: info@cppa4pigs.org

Pigs Of Great Fortune
2829 Zito Point / Inverness, FL 34450-7400
PH: 352-637-2674
E-Mail: luckypig@infi.net

8304 Limonite Ave, Suite D-Box 21
Riverside, CA 92509
E-Mail: kokomopeb@yahoo.com

Tri-County Potbellied Pig Club
P.O, Box 261 / Douglasville, PA 19518
PH: 610-369-1648
E-Mail: arnoldpig@juno.com

You can also try Petfinder. Petfinder is a web site that focuses on adoption of homeless pets. Occasionally there are pot bellied pigs listed. We cannot tell you what checks and balances this web site does on those that list and those that adopt. Make sure you do your research and homework!

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The information presented within our information and resources section has been collected from what we consider experts and various reputable persons including vets, sanctuary owners, and private pig owners among othsrs. Information shown is the latest available. Although we have had pet pigs for 20 years and consider ourselves quite knowledgeable, we are by no means veterinarians. Any health related information presented below should be checked out with your personal veterinarian.