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Farrowing Boxes

My husband built this box years ago and it has big bolts in the corners that can be taken out to store it by the piece. If you don't mind it taking up space it can be nailed together.

The box is framed with two by fours and is 5 ft wide by 6 ft long. The sides are plywood and are only three feet high so you can get in easily and grown pigs cannot jump out. He framed out a small door in one end that I can take the pig in and out of that closes with a regular slide latch.

There is a two by four rail around the inside of the box that is 4 inches from the floor (safety rail for babies to get under). I believe he used small blocks of two by fours in the corners to have something to nail this runner to.

The safety runner on the little door part had to be put on separately so pig could get in and out of the door without having to step over the rail. Then, because I'm picky, he put a removable divider across the completed pen which is put across two feet from the end of the pen and it is cut to be 4 inches off the floor.

This we called the "creep" area which is for the baby's only since they are small enough to 'creep' under the divider. We hung the light over the baby's end of the pen and they could get under the light without Mom. When they were older and needed to start eating grain we could put it in that end and Mom couldn't get it.

If you can visualize it, that means you now have a 4 X 5 foot pen for mom and babies and when babies go under the divider they have a 2 ft by 5 ft for a creep area for them alone with the heat lamp. With large litters you may have to take the divider out after the babies are two weeks old and their self heat generation kicks in.

When we did this we just fed the babies while mom was out of the pen when they were old enough to eat grain. Please feel free to ask me questions about it as this probably won't make sense to someone that hasn't seen it in action.

The 2x4 safety runner around the inside of the pen is the flat side of the 2x4 (the 4 inch wide flat side is used). That four inches gives the newborns a place to go under if moms butt happens to come down too close to them. It also keeps her from smashing babies against the side of the box.

Phyllis Battoe - Pig Pals Sanctuary

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