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Information & Resources

In this section, you will find the latest, ever growing, information on pet pig health care, behavior, training, adoption, housing, diet, and more. The links on the left have valuable information and resources for caring for and training your pot belly pig.

Our FAQ's and information page is a constantly growing work. The information presented here is the result of our many years of living and taking care of our own potbelly pigs, and information we have gathered from other pot belly pig Mom's, Dad's, animal rescue and sanctuary owners around the world.

"Potbelly pigs are not products you just throw away when you get bored or become overwhelmed. They are intelligent, caring creatures who depend on you for their survival.

PLEASE: Do your homework BEFORE getting one. Don't be stubborn or worse, ignorant. Know the facts before you get into unexpected problems."

Richard Slayton - Proud pot belly pig Dad.

In the future we hope to include more papers and reports from veterinarians that have treated potbellied pigs and have become local pig pet experts.

If your vet has had experiences with pot belly pigs, we would like to hear about their approaches and treatments. In this way, other vets and you will have a source of sound and proven information.

Please understand: We are not veterinarians. The information presented here is for educational purposes only. Any health related information presented below should always be checked out with your personal veterinarian.

Potbellied pigs (PBPs) are clean, highly intelligent and loving creatures. In fact, pigs in general are the fourth smartest animal in the world. Pot-bellied pigs require extra patience and lots of love, but more than make up for it with their personality.

Care of potbellied pigs is simple, if you have the proper knowledge before you start.

Abandoned Pigs

Every year hundreds, if not thousands, of pot bellied pigs are abandoned, "thrown away", or die due to lack of information and knowledge. Many are abandoned because the humans had unrealistic expectations, or were given the wrong facts (like the ridiculous statement: "a pot belly pig will stay small if you feed it less", a favorite of many unscrupulous breeders!). This is why we strongly suggest you adopt a pig, or adopt any pet.


How About Adopting

There are many wonderful animals in rescue centers and animal sanctuaries. If you want to adopt pet pigs, check our Adoption page, or Links page.

Many potbelly pigs die due to wrong medication, wrong anesthesia, etc. We lost our first little boy this way many years ago. The reason for this is much of the information being used to treat potbelly pigs comes from treating farm swine. In many cases, this type of treatment is deadly. You will need to make sure you have a vet in your area that is willing to learn about, handle and treat your PBP.

Pigs and Dogs - A Bad Combination

Potbelly pigs and dogs are not a good combination. Pigs are prey to dogs, which are predators. If you get a pet pig and have a dog, NEVER leave them alone together. We have heard way to many stories about pigs being attacked by the family dog and being severely injured, or killed. Many times these are animals that have lived together for years. Normally it will be the pig that starts the problem by going after the dogs food, toys, etc.

Yes, there are exceptions to everything but do not take the chance. Pot belly pig care, and pet pig care in general, requires different treatments and approaches than other exotic animals or more common pets, like cats and dogs. We suggest you go through our FAQ's links to the left. There is a great deal of information here and many of your questions will be answered there.

Sponsor a Pet Pig

If, after you have read through these pages, you decide a pig is not for you, you can still sponsor a pig at many sanctuaries around the country.