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Yes, pigs love to wallow. They do it in order to keep cool. In fact, they MUST do it to cool off in most circumstances because pigs do not sweat! Actually the only place they 'sweat' is out of the top end of their nose! You will see little tiny droplets of water forming there.

To help them keep cool during those hot summer days you will need either a kiddy pool (those cheap plastic ones they sell every spring do fine, but only last about one season) or a nice mud hole. Remember, pigs do not sweat and can overheat very easily if they do not have water and dirt/mud to lay in. They cool off best by cooling their tummies.

Remember to keep the pool clean and cool as that water can heat up as the days heat up.

They also like to wallow in freshly rooted up soil because it is cool. Rolling around in the mud hole cools them off by covering them in cool mud. Plus, caked on mud keeps insects from getting to their skin. (Flower, my female, loves to use the pool then finds a place in the yard that she has previously rooted to cake some dirt on herself). You will need to train yourself to clean house pigs before bringing them into the home once they have been enjoying a nice mud bath. A wallowing pig is a pig in heaven.

Fulltime outside pigs will prefer a mud hole over a pool most of the time. Mine use the pool to drink out of.

Remember, this is a NATURAL BEHAVIOR for all pigs. Now you have no excuse! Do not get upset at them for doing what comes naturally!

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